Fashion 101 – Designer Bootleg

Who would want to spend a thousand bucks for a cloth design when in fact you have the option of paying for the similar design worth half the price of the original – or even less? How is this so? Prior to the information age, imitators only send their sketch artists to attend fashion shows of reputable and famous fashion designers, and through those drawings, they were able to copy the exact design, replicate them in bulk, and sell them at an incredibly low price. And today, with the advent of technology, professional copiers can now get the designs in just a click of their digital cameras, upload the three-dimensional copy to their computer and in an instant they can mass reproduce the exact designs to as many stores as they can, even before the original designers reach their market. Easy money, huh!

Design piracy – it’s a form of stealing, and it has adverse effects on the fashion industry. Just imagine how thousands and millions of dollars do these designers spend on creating, advertising, and making available to the consumers their originally-made designs and craftsmanship? They spent large sums of money for what? For the benefit of the pirates who do nothing than plagiarizing works and ideas of others?

So what happens? Well, it does harm the fashion industry, of course, especially those young designers who are aspiring and trying really hard to get a name in the fashion business. With the designer piracy in existence, these young designers’ career might die even before they can penetrate the business. This is so because when one aspires to start a fashion designer career, he/she must invest a considerable amount of money for fashion shows, advertising, and production. Thousands or even millions of dollars would be shelled out even before the first client would place an order. At first, designers produce a small quantity and sell them at a very high price. This is what fashion designers call “haute couture.” However, unless the brand already has established its name in the consumers’ mind, most of the designers don’t gain profit at selling haute couture because they can only sell a small quantity, hence lesser profit. So, to regain their investment, what most of them do is to add ready-to-wear clothes to their product lines, so they can produce large volumes, and sell them at lower prices. Unfortunately, the move would be far more difficult for them because with the designer pirates on the field, competition may quickly kick them off the business.

But designer pirates – they are not the only one to blame. Partly, the finger can be pointed at two more heads – the law makers and also at the consumers. To some extent, it’s the consumers’ responsibility to buy only the authentic works, with due respect to the fashion industry and to the people who depend their livelihood in the industry. The designer pirates are there because the consumers are patronizing these products. It’s just the supply and demand relationship.

But can you really blame the consumers? If you would look closer, you’d realize that they are just being practical. Thus, to stop them from buying imitations, there should have some form of restrictions. Yes. Partly, it is the law makers fault, because thieves would be hindered to steal if there are governing laws in the place. With the absence of law, stealing would not be considered illegal – and obviously and clearly, that is unjust to the artists.

Beading 101 – Starting An Accessory Making Business



Before going to this business, you must be interested and love fashion accessories to appreciate the art and craft of accessory making. You must also have a creative mind and vast imagination to produce unique and exceptional designs. I believe that “being interested” in fashion accessory is the most important factor to consider before to going to this kind of business.


It really depends on what you want to produce. If you want to produce accessory out of precious stones, like swarovski, pearl or gem; you must prepare at least PHP 3,000 ($75) to PHP 5,000 ($125) for startup capital. But if you will just use ordinary beads, startup capital of PHP 1,000 ($25) is enough.


Aside from the stones and beads, you need the following materials and tools


1.) Pliers

a.) Long nose and flat nose pliers – used to handle pins, bend wire, crimp bead, etc.
b.) Round nose pliers – used to make loops for the pins.

2.) Cutter: for cutting pins and wires.


1.) Pins

a.) Head pins – nail-like pin (flat base) use to create dangles for your jewelry
b.) Eye Pins – have loops in the end of the pin, used as connectors from one bead to another

2.) Ear wires or fish hooks – hook that goes through the ear

3.) Clasps – a fastener that attaches two things, like the ends of a necklace or a bracelets

4.) Open jump rings – are jump rings that are not soldered shut. They can be opened or closed using pliers

5.) Trigger clasp – utilizes a lever and spring to open and close the arm of the clasp. Trigger clasps can come in various shapes such as an oval or heart

6.) Stringing materials – composed of multiple strands of steel wound together and then coated with nylon. It is sometimes referred to as tiger tail.

7.) Bead cap – used to “dress up” a bead, crystal, stone, or other type of bead. It adds a touch of gorgeousness to your bead.

Those are just basics. You will need more stuff as you go along.

WHERE TO BUY MATERIALS: (in the Philippines)

1. ) QUIAPO – The Philippine bead paradise. There are so many bead shops to choose from along this area. Its in Villalobos St., the narrow street in front of Quiapo Church, behind the Mercury Drug Building. The most famous shop of them all is the Wellmansons shop, because you will see all materials you will need for accessory making at a very affordable price.


Browse the web, you will see a lot of tips and techniques for beginners. There are many sites that offer free tutorial on accessory making.

Fashion 101 For Men

Your overall look does have a lot of impact on your self confidence, especially if you find yourself in certain situations. For example, you certainly want to look your best at a formal social function, an important business presentation, or a romantic dinner date. Somehow we feel good inside if we think we look good outside, or by the least, presentable.

This mindset for self confidence is also important. You have to picture yourself well-dressed, well-groomed, and composed. A little of mind-rehearsing and envisioning will not hurt. For no matter how good or expensive the clothes you put on, you still have to carry yourself good.

If you’re constantly worrying about your look and unsure if you did it right, then this can largely affect the way you compose yourself for the rest of the affair. So what do you do? Make sure you do it right, of course.

Though it’s understandable to be excited for an important event, at times, the dressing-up part can also be quite challenging, if not, stressful. For every event, people expect you to be dressed appropriately and properly. There are accepted “standards”.

But there’s always room for creativity and self-expression. Careful though. Always make sure you know the basics of fashion before you play mix and match. You want to make a good impression and not otherwise.

One of the basics you shouldn’t miss is the colors. Colors are inevitable so it’s important that you know how to match them. We deal with colors whenever we dress out for school, for night-outs, for travels, for work, etc. In matching colors, contrast and harmony should be kept in mind. Colors are beautiful when paired appropriately while an outfit of mismatched colors is undeniably disaster.

The basic colors rarely go out of style, especially neutral colors which are most versatile. For example, for tops, you can wear almost anything if matched with black pants. If you want brown though, your top should also be of shades of brown or white.

It’s odd that you wear only one solid color from top to toe (except on certain occasions), but you can go monochrome if you want. Just make sure to apply contrast with the color’s shades.

Also find out what colors work best for you. For example, by the shade of your skin there are certain colors more appropriate than others. Some colors can make you look either lighter or darker.

One of the basics of men’s wear, and also very common indeed, are the shirts and ties. For formal and semi-formal attire, dark suit over white dress shirt is standard and safe. If it’s less formal though, you can try a colored shirt instead of white.

White and blue are common colors in the workplace. You try other colors, both light and dark tone, or patterned designs too.

If you’re wearing a tie, never open your collar or loosen your tie for that matter. However, open collar shirts look nice without the tie, match it with sport coat. Also, make sure your tie’s width and length match your height.

Novelty ties and accessories are fun, but inappropriate for office and formal wear. stick to the simple and classic designs.

A Quick Look at Selling Through Attraction Marketing 101

There are lots of possible strategies which you can employ in your business if you wish to sell your products to a large volume of possible customers. Generally, these strategies are conventional essentially since they have recently been made use of for so many years now. These known techniques may include prospecting your audience, making calls to prospective customers and advertising in differing types of media. But now, there is the theory of attraction marketing 101 which puts things in a miles better viewpoint.

The majority of the time, entrepreneurs identify people’s wishes of a certain service or product. From these wants they work their way into convincing the consumers to avail one, if not a lot of the entrepreneur’s products. It isn’t all of the time that this kind of advertising strategy becomes effective. This is so because sometimes people also don’t appreciate being urged and at last being drawn to purchasing certain products.

Concept Behind Attraction Selling

Attraction selling is a basic part in attraction marketing 101. Attraction marketing is understood to reply to a business owner’s quandary of having to cope with patrons who resist his products. Indeed it’s right that folks can have a negative perception on your product if you’re pushing it too much. Besides, we all know that people typically don’t like the idea of being sold to and convinced to purchase. They don’t like the idea of being interrupted with cliche’ lines and long calls as well as adverts being thrown right into their faces.

Having a Good Time While Purchasing

Consumers don’t like the idea of being sold to; what they like is the idea of having a great time while they’re purchasing products. This is what attraction marketing 101 is all about, making an enjoyable experience for your future customers. They may not always buy today, but since they have the idea going to your store or maybe surfing your web internet site is a fun experience, then without doubt, they are going to have a second visit and re-look into your portfolio.

Act Like A Leader Not as a Sales Rep

Really, one thing you have got to remember referring to attraction selling is that you’ve got to think not as a sales representative but always as a leader. Start plotting down all of your customers’ annoyances in the act of buying your product and identify the wants for improvement. When they notice that your store has certain uniqueness, they will adore it and will certainly become your most unswerving clients.

The Scale of Overall Show

Likewise, show is certainly a crucial facet of your attraction marketing. Naturally your customers would like to see a store that’s respectable and orderly; not to mention your staffs having a good fashion sense as well as maintaining tidiness at every point. That’s why it is vital that you project an extremely positive overall show in your promoting. This may definitely attract more visitors to come and take a look at your site. Be a magnet to your customers and make them stick to your business through attraction marketing 101.

To learn more about attraction marketing 101 and how it can change your business, be sure to follow the directions in the resource box below…