Shopping 101: Where to Shop

Where to Shop

Are you one of those people that have no idea where to start when it’s time to shop? Do you sit and envy women that are able to bargain shop and effortlessly find sales? Shopping is FUN and easy! Anyone can do it, TRUST us, we know. We are going to help distinguish the difference between department stores, inexpensive/trendy stores, fashion boutiques and the internet.

Shopping 101: Department Stores

Department stores often carry a vast selection of merchandise. Shoppers can usually find apparel for the entire family in one department store. Most department stores do not specialize in anything, but carry a little bit of everything. Some department stores offer wonderful sales. Usually, department stores offer quality merchandise that carries a pretty stiff price tag. However, when department stores run their awesome sales, it is possible to catch some great deals. A department store is a great place to shop when shopping for gifts, evening wear and shoes. Some common department stores are Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor and JC Penney.

Shopping 101: Inexpensive or Trendy Stores

Inexpensive fashion and trendy fashion shows will grab your attention. They usually have colorful eye catching displays in their windows. The line is usually a mile long because they always carry what “current trend”. MOST trendy stores are inexpensive as well, but some are very pricey. These stores are great for purchasing trendy pieces that will be worn for one season only. Think about the MC Hammer pants era. This would have been a perfect purchase for a trendy or inexpensive store. The items in these stores are rarely quality pieces. While they are not “quality” they are still very appealing for the eye. These stores are perfect for shoppers looking to stretch a dollar for pieces that they do not necessarily expect to carry over into the next season. These store/chains often vary by location/city. Some common names of inexpensive or trendy stores are Rue21, Forever21, Dots, Strawberry and Rainbow.

Shopping 101: Fashion Boutiques

If you are not looking to spend a pretty penny, do not stop in a fashion boutique. Fashion boutiques specialize in either woman’s, men or children apparel. Rarely will you find a boutique that caters to all three. In addition, fashion boutiques often cater to one style of clothing. For instance, an upscale women’s boutique will likely have pieces that are more suitable for after five affairs or special occasions. While these boutiques can be quite pricey, there are sales. If planned accordingly, and coupons are saved (yes some boutiques have coupons) it is possible to score a major deal in a boutique as well! It is hard to name boutiques because it truly depends on the area.

Shopping 101: The Internet

A few years ago, online shopping was not too common. Many consumers failed being scammed and victims of identity theft. My have times changed. Shopping on the internet is now just as common if not more than walking into a mall or department store! Many of the stores we visit daily also have websites that offer online shopping. This is quite convenient for shoppers that desire to shop at stores not located in the vicinity of their homes. Cyber Monday is a testimony to how successful and prominent online shopping has become. Some popular online shopping sites are:

Pink Ice
Amazon (GREAT deals)
French Connection

As you can see, there are MANY options for shoppers today! Do not be afraid to get out there and find your next deal! Sit down, make a list and get out there and catch those sales!

Fashion 101: The Breastfeeding Dress Guide

Even if it is just a wardrobe, you have to allot extra time to plan your breastfeeding clothing. This way, you will gain more comfort and less worries as you prepare for your daily routine. As a new mommy, there will be plenty of other demands on your time, so ensuring you have a few key pieces in your breastfeeding wardrobe will ease you through your post-partum period.

New mums to be selective in choosing maternity clothes, because it’s not only her own comfort and preferred style that need to be considered-the comfort of the little one she holds close and nurtures is also important. Below are some of the tips to guide you if you’re looking for breastfeeding clothes to wear every day.

1. Stretch is something that mothers need to look for because it’s so much easier to just pull the neckline of a top down when it’s time to feed bubs, and up when you’re finished. In a split second, you can create easy access to your breast for feeding and then cover it up once the little ones done.

2. Make sure it has the right fit and quite loose but still structured. Overall, it’s just more comfortable and it provides excellent ventilation, which is a great relief on warm humid days when both you and the baby are feeling the heat. Also, loose but structured tops are great for layering (you can easily wear something under and over them) to create a new look that’s also seasonally appropriate.

3. Keenly feel and observe the type of material used. Go with natural, non-synthetic fabrics (such as organic cotton or bamboo fabric) because babies have a sensitive skin. Since they are frequently held close to mum, their skin can get irritated if it comes in contact with non-breathable, prickly material that’s been treated with all sorts of chemicals. You may suffer from physical discomfort as well because of your clothing material, especially with the different hormonal changes you’re going through.

4. You also have to consider whether or not the clothing wrinkles easily. Such fabrics are a hassle–you would need to iron them first so that they’ll look right. When you’re a new mum, you just want to put on a no-fuss piece of clothing, look nice, and be done. It’s always convenient to find clothing with easy, wash-and-wear fabrics that do not wrinkle or do not need to be ironed anymore.

Fashion 101

Although I am a Relationship Expert, I have designed everything from women’s lingerie in Brazil to men’s denim in the USA.

1. Fashion is not Style. Style is not Fashion. Although sometimes they cross over.

2. Fashion is flippant, ridiculous and unrewarding in the long run. Style is classic, timeless and forever.

3. Fashion does not encourage sanity, it encourages compulsive, useless purchases that take up space.

4. The most fashionable people are usually the most shallow.

5. Fashion is responsible for some of the most embarrassing photographs of all time.

If you are interested in Fashion, then good for you; but try to maintain your sense of Style before embarking on yet another purchase that does not fit into your wardrobe and is not practical on any level.

Too many women buy fashionable shoes that only end up ruining their night due to severe discomfort.

Looking good is important, but over-doing it for the sake of Fashion is plain ridiculous. If a straight man is too fashionable he endangers his chances with women by seeming to be narcissistic.

Moderation in Fashion is essential.

Style takes Fashion into account but is not a slave to every little change that is made. Style allows for distinct fashionable ideas without falling victim to the extremes.

Style enables the owner to be in Fashion without succumbing to the vacuous idiocies of the Fashion victim.

Style is cool and comfortable, sexy and smart; Fashion is over the top and extreme.

Fashion is an important element in relationships and dating; being aware of Fashion is to be aware of current ideas and styles without needing to embrace everything that you see.

If you have no idea about Fashion then you are only showing yourself up to be a stick in the mud and that is not attractive to anyone.

If someone understands Fashion yet dresses with Style then they are able to attract lovers due to the appeal of their look. It is that easy.

The word “cute” is not adequate enough to describe every piece of clothing you see; especially when it is pronounced “cueueue”. A baby is “cute” – jeans, jackets and other items of clothing are “sexy”, “stunning” or simply “lovely” – broaden your vocabulary, please, be a little more original with your use of descriptive words. Thank you.

Guy Blews

Men’s Fashion: Choosing Jeans That Suit Your Body Shape

For women, there is plenty of fashion advice available, but for men, not so much. If you are male, and you love to look fashionable, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. Here we discuss the various cuts of jeans you can find, and which style suits which physique. Understanding which cuts suit your body shape well stand you in good stead for creating the perfect fashionable outfit. Without this knowledge, you are likely to make some very serious fashion faux pas. Finding the right fit really is the most important fashion choice; get this right and the rest follows. This article is thus Fashion 101.

Many people never try their clothing on before they buy it, nothing is wrong with this, but if you do prescribe to this method of shopping then you are likely to find that your jeans are ill fitting and this affects your self-esteem. By knowing which styles and cuts suit your body shape you save yourself the hassle of having to try jeans on before you buy, great if you are buying a pair of jeans online.

Loose leg
Loose leg jeans, or wide leg jeans, can sit anywhere on the waist. In other words, they can be high-rise or low-rise. However, the material around the legs has a relaxed look and sits loosely against the leg. The various embellishments tend to be larger, for instance, with wide-leg Nudie jeans you will find that the pockets are deeper. These jeans can fall straight, have a slight flare, or taper at the ankle.

This style of jeans suits taller or skinnier men. If you are stocky or short, then these will emphasise the wrong parts of your physique, making you look fatter and squatter than you actually are.

Boot cut
Boot cut, or flared jeans, are narrow fitting around the thighs and then flare out from the knees to the ankles. You really cannot go wrong with this style of trousers, as they tend to suit everybody. However, if you are a little tubby, then these are the perfect jeans for you. If in doubt about the styles and cuts that suit you, opt for boot cut. These form part of the classic look, so they never go out of fashion, and you can update them to suit current trends, for instance, Nudie jeans do a fantastic range of fashionable boot cut jeans, follow the link below if you are interested in this cut.

Straight Cut
These jeans normally sit at the waistline and are form fitting, meaning that they fall straight from the buttocks to the ankles. These are great for showing off your natural body shape, but you must be fairly well built to pull them off with any sort of panache. Again, these form part of the classic look, and so never go out of fashion. If you are relatively tall and relatively well built, then these are the perfect jeans for you.