Rock Star Fashion 101

Have you ever wanted to be a rockstar like Chris Cornell, Bono, or Dave Grohl? Of course you have. Who doesn’t? Rock stars have lifestyles that most people envy. They have everything a guy could want-fame, wheels, and swooning girls.

You already have your own rockstar band but you still do not have a group of adoring fans. Maybe you still have not considered one very important thing that makes rockstars popular among the female population-the rockstar fashion. If you want to glam yourself up like a rock star, read the following tips and ideas.

o Rock stars appear to be the mysterious, serious, and brooding type of guys. The reason for this is their dark hair. Dark hair gives intensity to people. Blonde hair or light hair will make a person look less intense. For guys, it might make them appear like someone who is a member of a boy band instead of a rock band. So if you have light colored hair, dye it using dark colored hair dye and it will be like girl magnet.

o Leather jackets should also be a must-have in any rockstar want to-be’s closet. This piece of clothing can make any guy look tough and dangerous. You will usually see rock band member sporting a stylish leather jacket and girls cannot help but swoon. Most girls are attracted to bad and tough guys. They want someone who can protect them.

o If you want to look like a rock star and be swoon-worthy, get yourself some really cool and tough-looking tattoos like snakes or eagles or anything that looks tough. Do not put wimpy images or characters such as a cute poodle or a fairy. It might make you look a bit, um, feminine and they might even question your masculinity. Choose only masculine tattoos.

o Have some blings. Bling blings are not just for rappers and people belonging in the hip hop subculture. These are also used by rock stars-but not as big as used by rappers. Rock stars usually use silver like necklace and rings. They also usually have piercings everywhere-in their ears, eye brows, lips, tongue, and places where you can put piercings.

o Do not wear loose clothes or jeans-these are for the rappers. Usually, men wear straight cut or sometimes skinny jeans. Their t-shirts are also the same. T-shirts usually accentuates the body instead of hiding it. Rock stars also have a fondness for tattered and worn clothes and shoes. Their jeans are usually ripped in the proper places and t-shirts are sometimes cut off. They wear ratty shoes even if they can already afford to buy expensive ones. Maybe this adds depth or creativity to their personality.

If you can do these things, then by all means do them. However, some guys cannot pull it off and instead appears to be trying too hard. If you think you will be uncomfortable and it will not look natural on you, then you should consider other styles. These are not the standards of how a rock star should look like. This is just the common trend now. If you have your own trend or fashion, then do what you want to do and wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you.

Fashion 101

Fashion is fun for most people, and others have a hard time with it . They let it intimidate them. A good source to learn about fashion is looking through magazines. In most magazines they do it all for you. They give you the latest fashion, the different hair do’s and accessories to go with it and even down to the polish on your toenails. Now you can’t beat that!

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are another good source for learning about fashion. At a fashion show there are a lot of different opportunities that people can take advantage of. There is an opportunity for a model who is just trying to get their foot in the door, reporters can get the latest scoop, and other designers can get new ideas.

Where it comes from!

With creative thinking fashion designers gather inspiration whether it comes from popular culture, music, politics, or a hot new celebrity. They design these fashions leaving us with these FIERCE new trends. Then you have these fashion shows which is mostly held in the spring and fall seasons, where you have the models strutting down the run way advertising the new designs and looking fabulous. They have these shows hoping that buyers and celebrities will be intrigued enough to want wear it.

How to where it

In order to be fashionable you have to love what you wear. Being sexy and comfortable with an edge is obtainable with a little know how and confidence. When I say sexy I don’t mean having everything hanging out. When I say comfortable I don’t mean everything falling off. Its a new year and a new you. It ‘s time to go in your closet and throw away the clothes you have not worn in years, the maybes and the just plain ugly throw it all away! Start out by pairing up your clothes to see what you have and what you can work with . Pay attention to your colors . Colors can make a world of difference to your clothes and your look . Dark colors make you look thinner whether it be at the top or bottom or even both. Lighter colors highlights and works with your skin tone. They even make your eyes pop. This season colors range from black and white (which are classic colors) to pink and purple and tan and mint green. Try these fashionable colors on for size. Different prints paired with a solid color is a good look for anyone. Sheer is the new thing with a flowy silhouette gives an edge when you pair it up with a nice pair of boots. Stripes can be tricky. Choose the stripe that a suit you and your body type. Remember that vertical stripes draw the eye up and down while horizontal stripes draw the eye sideways. So if you don’t want to look wider stay away from horizontal. Just remember to where something that make you look fabulous and the attitude to go with it.

Fashion 101 – For Tweens!

Fashion refers to the style and customs prevalent at a given time. When it comes to the latest fashions everyone wants to be hip, even kids! Today, it’s difficult for children to keep up with the latest fashion without looking like the adults. Many of the trends for older teenage girls and boys are trickling down to the “tweens” ages 9-12, giving them a chance to express their sense of style, be cool and have fun. Tweens can be fashionable too!! Check out what’s cool and new for your tween this year starting from the top to the bottom:

With spring closely approaching, new tween trends are stepping right out of your own closet. Girls and boys are both rocking old to new T’s. Graphic T-shirts are still a hip trend that can be matched with almost anything. Pull out your old T’s and make then new by adding accessories or even layering them with a plain long-sleeved T-shirt or thermal in the fall/winter. Even on a chilly day, T’s can go with regular or puffy vests and/or cardigans and hoodies. With many themes and logos to choose from such as Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers for girls to Quiksilver and rocker T’s for the boys, T’s are a trendy necessity for tweens.

When it comes to bottoms, jeans are perfect and they are forever popular. Jeans come in numerous styles, colors, cuts and fits. From skinny to wide-leg to boot cut to low-rise, even the pickiest tween girl or boy will find a style that works for him or her. For girls, we’re seeing more denims with embroidered pockets, jewels or shiny accents that would be adorable with a matching shirt, accessories and shoes. Wide-leg and regular fit jeans will do for your preppy, skater or just plain tween boy. Or, if your son is hipster, even a pair of skinny jeans may work. Trendy tween girls aren’t stuck to just typical denims when it comes to picking a bottom. Skirts and leggings are fabulous for tween girls. Tights and capri leggings can be matched with baby doll shirts or denim skirts. A denim skirt and leggings is a great way to go for a comfy yet cute and trendy day!

Finally the feet! Where could tweens go wrong? Sneakers, for boys and for girls! Try to find a style of sneaker that works for your tween because they are comfortable for the active lifestyle of a tween. Converse and Nike are very “in” for tween boys and girls. Girls can also sport cute ballet flats, boots and Mary-Jane style shoes. Flat shoes are the most comfortable way to go for tweens.

Tweens can find all these looks, plus more, inexpensively at stores such as Limited Too, Gap, Old Navy or even department stores such as Nordstrom. Tweens can stick to their own stylish tastes, choose what they like and be trendy all at the same time!

Men’s Fashion 101: A Man’s Guide On Wearing Socks

If you want to be taken seriously then you have to dress the part. You need to pay attention to every little detail, because they do have the capacity to make or break your entire wardrobe. Socks, probably one of the most overlooked article of clothing, actually have the capacity to render a man’s respectability to zero if they are worn wrong. Even if you are wearing a thousand dollar suit and an equally expensive pair of leather shoes, they will all seem irrelevant if you pair them with white gym socks.

So to prevent you from making a fool out of yourself because of poor sock choices, here is a short guide on how a real man chooses and wears socks.

1. Dress shoes warrant the use of dress socks

Even if your sports socks are black you should never wear them with classy dress shoes. Athletic socks have a thick and rather fluffy weave, so they do not really match with the sleek and stylish look of dress shoes. If you do try to wear your gym socks with dress shoes you will find that they bunch over the sides and top of the shoes, which looks a bit goofy.

And do not by any means commit the sin of wearing white socks with dress shoes! Doing this just instantly advertises to anyone (and every woman) in your vicinity that you are completely clueless when it comes to dressing yourself.

2. Your socks should match your pants, not shoes

A lot of people are confused with this rule, a lot of people still think that the socks should match the color of the shoes, which is incorrect. The reason why socks should match the pants is because when you are sitting down (which is the only time that your socks are clearly visible) you want a solid line of color that connects your pants to your shoes. If you have socks that do not match your pants it creates a break in the line of color which breaks the flow of your entire outfit.

3. Do not wear socks when wearing sandals or shorts

Sandals are designed to be worn with just your bare feet, you will only look goofy if you wear socks with your sandals so do not even bother.

Another occasion where socks should be avoided is when wearing shorts. Socks with shorts will only make your legs look stumpy. If you really do need to wear socks with your shorts, invest in a good pair of ankle socks that are not so visible over your shoes.

4. Novelty socks are a No No

If you really want to be taken seriously then why would you want to wear bright yellow socks with SpongeBob Squarepants embroidered at the sides? The only people that these kinds of socks will ever look good on are those aged 3 or below, so if you can read this guide then you are probably too old to wear novelty socks.

Who would have thought that socks would have such an impact on how you look? So if you want to be perceived by others as a man who needs to be taken seriously then just take a good look at your socks.