Women’s Boots – Not just For Winter Anymore

Most women love shoes and boots. Women’s footwear is a huge industry with fashion designers from around the globe vying to set the next trends and get their portion of the market. In the uk, retailers are enjoying the demand for women’s shoes. In April 2010 The office for National Statistics stated that footwear salesRead More

Lyle and Scott Jumpers – The ultimate in Luxury and Style

If you have never looked at Lyle and Scott clothing before, now is the time to check out what this brand has to offer. The Lyle and Scott jumpers are iconic fashion pieces, known for their sumptuous knits and simple, statement making logos. The Eagle emblem is instantly recognisable and men all over the worldRead More

Wool Basics – Understanding This Luxury Fabric in 3 Minutes

Introduction Although the importance of wool has diminished over the last century, the fiber still retains a strong place in the clothing world due to its unique characteristics. Wool is a generic term applied to the hair of animals, mostly sheep, but also including Angora and Cashmere goats, camels, and llamas. It is a naturalRead More

6 Tips to help you Find Your personal Style

Get to know how to add your character to the latest fashion trends and be stunned with discovering a new you. 1. What tickles your fashion persona? It matters to know what your persona is when it comes to fashion. Some value comfort over the hot fashion trends, and some really go for what isRead More

What to think about When Recycling Your Clothes for Cash

Recycling clothes is becoming a much bigger practice today than it has been in previous years. The main reason for this would be that as the fashions change, everybody wants to keep up with this and so buy more clothes leading to them having a clear out and getting rid of previous items. A lotRead More