How to Establish Less Costly Party?

Before organizing any party, I check create list of items needed and whether I need to buy any new shirts, shoes, accessories or not. One of my most loved things about setting up a gathering is selecting party supplies. I have boxes and boxes of provisions put away in the cellar carport from past gatherings.Read More

Tips to Dress for Success

As we grow up, we are taught to believe and understand that people judge you by your first appearance. How you look, and particularly how you dress, says a lot to the world about you. Dress in shabby old clothes and people will think you are a beggar or you are homeless before they evenRead More

6 Tips to help you Find Your personal Style


Get to know how to add your character to the latest fashion trends and be stunned with discovering a new you. 1. What tickles your fashion persona? It matters to know what your persona is when it comes to fashion. Some value comfort over the hot fashion trends, and some really go for what isRead More

Bubble-Up Effects of Subculture Fashion


The notion that trends in fashion take part in a phenomenon known as the trickle down effect has long been recognised by fashion pundits. A process of social emulation of society’s upper echelons by the subordinates provides myriad incentives for perpetual and incessant changes in fashion through a sequence of novelty and imitation. Dior’s ‘NewRead More

The Mistake: Not Taking advantage of Fashion To engage Consumers


Fashion and design partnerships are one of the strongest opportunities being leveraged by brands to market products to those cutting edge trendsetters and influencers that closely follow – and lead – today’s fashion trends. Fashion partnerships result in an enhanced image and an overall sense of innovation and hipness to the brand. These partnerships areRead More

Fashion Jobs and Fashion Career Advice


Picking one out of many fashion jobs generally is an overwhelming challenge. There are several different opportunities in the fashion industry that you might not be sure which one is best for you. With the high demand for fashion jobs, you need to be sure of what it is that you want to do soRead More

Fashion Marketing Internships: What It’s Like


A fashion marketing internship is one of the quickest ways to break into the ultra-competitive fashion industry It’s a giant industry that is completely dependent on the professional fashion-designers, marketers and retail merchandisers. What is created as a masterpiece by its expert wardrobe designers remains a far-fetched dream for the customers unless it is madeRead More

Fashion Careers – Job List in the Fashion Industry


A career in the fashion industry sounds glamorous and lucrative. Have you consider getting into the fashion industry, but might think that you cannot manage it? There are so many different roles and positions that you can play in the fashion world. One does not necessarily be a fashion designer but still be able toRead More

How to hire a Trendy fashion content writer?


Are you finding a trendy fashion content writer for your fashion blog? If yes, then you have come to the right place.  In this post, I am going to explore about how to hire lifestyle content writers for your blog. Freelance writing portal Websites Content mart is my favorite Freelance writing portal website when IRead More

Custom Kurti — Current as well as Upcoming Pattern of Style in Indian

Fashion developments never stay constant. What is actually today is actually fashion could be completely from it. But, using the advent associated with different resources like magazines and Internet it’s damn simple to track as well as follow the style. Fashion developments never stay constant. What is actually today is actually fashion could be completelyRead More