Fashion 101

Although I am a Relationship Expert, I have designed everything from women’s lingerie in Brazil to men’s denim in the USA.

1. Fashion is not Style. Style is not Fashion. Although sometimes they cross over.

2. Fashion is flippant, ridiculous and unrewarding in the long run. Style is classic, timeless and forever.

3. Fashion does not encourage sanity, it encourages compulsive, useless purchases that take up space.

4. The most fashionable people are usually the most shallow.

5. Fashion is responsible for some of the most embarrassing photographs of all time.

If you are interested in Fashion, then good for you; but try to maintain your sense of Style before embarking on yet another purchase that does not fit into your wardrobe and is not practical on any level.

Too many women buy fashionable shoes that only end up ruining their night due to severe discomfort.

Looking good is important, but over-doing it for the sake of Fashion is plain ridiculous. If a straight man is too fashionable he endangers his chances with women by seeming to be narcissistic.

Moderation in Fashion is essential.

Style takes Fashion into account but is not a slave to every little change that is made. Style allows for distinct fashionable ideas without falling victim to the extremes.

Style enables the owner to be in Fashion without succumbing to the vacuous idiocies of the Fashion victim.

Style is cool and comfortable, sexy and smart; Fashion is over the top and extreme.

Fashion is an important element in relationships and dating; being aware of Fashion is to be aware of current ideas and styles without needing to embrace everything that you see.

If you have no idea about Fashion then you are only showing yourself up to be a stick in the mud and that is not attractive to anyone.

If someone understands Fashion yet dresses with Style then they are able to attract lovers due to the appeal of their look. It is that easy.

The word “cute” is not adequate enough to describe every piece of clothing you see; especially when it is pronounced “cueueue”. A baby is “cute” – jeans, jackets and other items of clothing are “sexy”, “stunning” or simply “lovely” – broaden your vocabulary, please, be a little more original with your use of descriptive words. Thank you.

Guy Blews