Fashion 101 – How to Tie a Scarf

As fashion is evolving throughout the years, scarves as an accessory has transformed as well. Today, you can boost your fashion apparel with a piece of cloth. A very simple clothing accessory that is commonly used to wrap around your neck or face for warmth now can also be used to add class and style to your dress. Because scarves became popular, everyone would want to wear scarves but there are still those who do not know exactly how to tie a scarf. Apart from using it as a headwear, neck or face warmer, scarves can be extremely versatile and can be used as apparel in other ways.

Winter scarves are much longer and usually made out of wool and cotton. They can be as long as 48 inches. There are also short ones that can be used to accentuate fashion wears to be classy. Some of the scarves are made out of silk which is lighter. This can add slickness in its movements that can surely give a shimmering finish to your fashion wear.

Once you have chosen your perfect scarf, discover hot to bring a different beauty to your outfit. Learning the following techniques can enable you to make the most of your wardrobe by adding an additional measure of versatility. Their compact nature enables you to carry them conveniently. There is no need for additional luggage to accommodate them. Here are some tips on how to tie a scarf.

Different styles can be used to tie scarves to achieve that creative accessory look. Styling them into a knot or at times can be pinned in place using another decorative accessory like jewellery to secure it in place can add flair to the apparel’s style. Other means of using scarves such as head coverings, shawls, and even as belts can accentuate your over all look with your scarves.

Another way of wearing a scarf is with a simple knot. You can tie a knot at both end and use under the collar of a blazer, blouse or any dress that has a tailored lapel. Older people prefer to use them as shawls letting them be loosely worn over the shoulders and at times can be used as head cover.

You can also use scarves as hair accessory. Tie it around a pony tail to achieve that 1950’s look. And who says scarves are for women only? For men, donning a white scarf wrapped once around their neck and putting over a leather coat can be a great way of making an artistic style like a cockpit pilot from the 1930’s.

How to tie a scarf greatly depends on what you feel and your style. It is important that you are comfortable wearing them. Scarves can be a fun and easy way of enhancing one’s self, adding beauty and sophistication to your ordinary outfits. Glam up yourself and look beautiful with scarves.