Fashion 101

Fashion is fun for most people, and others have a hard time with it . They let it intimidate them. A good source to learn about fashion is looking through magazines. In most magazines they do it all for you. They give you the latest fashion, the different hair do’s and accessories to go with it and even down to the polish on your toenails. Now you can’t beat that!

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are another good source for learning about fashion. At a fashion show there are a lot of different opportunities that people can take advantage of. There is an opportunity for a model who is just trying to get their foot in the door, reporters can get the latest scoop, and other designers can get new ideas.

Where it comes from!

With creative thinking fashion designers gather inspiration whether it comes from popular culture, music, politics, or a hot new celebrity. They design these fashions leaving us with these FIERCE new trends. Then you have these fashion shows which is mostly held in the spring and fall seasons, where you have the models strutting down the run way advertising the new designs and looking fabulous. They have these shows hoping that buyers and celebrities will be intrigued enough to want wear it.

How to where it

In order to be fashionable you have to love what you wear. Being sexy and comfortable with an edge is obtainable with a little know how and confidence. When I say sexy I don’t mean having everything hanging out. When I say comfortable I don’t mean everything falling off. Its a new year and a new you. It ‘s time to go in your closet and throw away the clothes you have not worn in years, the maybes and the just plain ugly throw it all away! Start out by pairing up your clothes to see what you have and what you can work with . Pay attention to your colors . Colors can make a world of difference to your clothes and your look . Dark colors make you look thinner whether it be at the top or bottom or even both. Lighter colors highlights and works with your skin tone. They even make your eyes pop. This season colors range from black and white (which are classic colors) to pink and purple and tan and mint green. Try these fashionable colors on for size. Different prints paired with a solid color is a good look for anyone. Sheer is the new thing with a flowy silhouette gives an edge when you pair it up with a nice pair of boots. Stripes can be tricky. Choose the stripe that a suit you and your body type. Remember that vertical stripes draw the eye up and down while horizontal stripes draw the eye sideways. So if you don’t want to look wider stay away from horizontal. Just remember to where something that make you look fabulous and the attitude to go with it.