Retro Styles Making a Comeback in Kids Fashion

Retro Styles Making a Comeback in Kids Fashion


All things good are coming around again: Retro is in, and it is cuter than ever in these new and chic children’s clothes. From boho to mod, there is something for every taste. The 50’s and 60’s to early 70’s make up an eclectic collection of fashion history. Suspenders, mustaches, and bowties are making their way into boy’s accessories everywhere so it is only natural that the girls have a matching style to follow. Look at this list of trends that are making a comeback at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique and find some retro inspiration.

Polka Dots

A little girl’s wardrobe is simply incomplete without a wave of polka dots. This popular pattern for all ages was a huge hit in the retro era, adorning many dresses, skirts, and accessories. For a cute play on this trend, try this Kate Mack One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit. The cute flower accent over these polka dots will make as big of a splash as the little swimmer wearing them!

Bell Bottoms

The 60’s and 70’s are well known for this iconic fashion trend: the bell bottom. Many designers are giving this trend a comeback with flared jeans and pants. Try these Mustard Pie Sugar Blossom Tango Ruffles. They are an updated pant option that pair well with a frilly top or under a flowing dress. The two layers of ruffles that make the bottom of the legs are a nod to their flared predecessors.

Skater Dresses

From parties to the classroom, the skater dress is in. The neckline and length of the updated versions may vary, but one thing remains the same: they complement almost any girl looking to add an elegant and feminine tough to their wardrobe. This Five Loaves Two Fish Parade Party Dress makes a nod to the poodle skirt with its whimsical parade design around the skirt. For a more elegant look, try Magpie and Mabel Fancy Hazel Dress for Girls with its classy lace overlay. There is a skater dress for every style and occasion.


During a time when many cultures and styles found their way into the melting pot of the United States Native American clothing played a huge roll in fashion. Nothing says the 60’s like moccasins. These Native American shoes were a comfortable addition to many ensembles. Take a walk to the past in these Livie and Luca Moccasin Boots for Girls in Grape and add a little culture to your outfit.

Boho and Hippy

Another trend making its way into both adult and children’s clothing lines is the boho and hippy look. Think of laid back, earthy, and colorful patters that match well with white or taupe lave accents. Paisley patterns and warm floral matched with flowing poncho style tops or long, full skirts. Look at Baby Sara Boho Top and Denim Shorts for a hippy chic look. If something more casual and playful is needed, try Flowers By Zoe White Tank and Tie Dye Shorts with its cute dream catcher design and colorful feathers.