The Flamboyant Men’s Fashions of the 1960s Are Now Mainstream Hipster Wear


Back in the 1960s, when button-down shirts, narrow-legged pants, and skinny ties it the men’s fashion scene a style revolution began to define a new generation. The Baby Boomers were shaking things up in the music, apparel, shoe, and auto industry. The days of black and brown clothing and big band music were fading into the sunset as this new generation found pot, and an assortment of drugs to expand their perception of normal. Instead of a brown three-piece wool suit, and a pair of nasty brown wingtip shoes, men had jeans and T-shirts on the brain and Converse sneakers on their feet. And the men who really had an urge to push the fashion envelope wore crushed-velvet vests, wide-collar loud print shirts, bell-bottom jeans and a pair of high-heel funky shoes.

The 1960s age of funk fashion brought men out of the chains of complacency and into the age of Super-fly madness. The 1970s gave men running shoes and T-shirts that were symbols of the age. Jeans were no longer just for farmers. Jeans stole the essence of fashion, and they threw up in the air. Suits were more protest circus wear than Sunday wear back then. And 1970s shoes made common sense leave the planet. The colorful platform dress boots did a number on conservatism. When the 1980s Italian and English suits hit the runways, and safely found a home in the closets of American men, the capitalistic game hit an all time high. Ronald Reagan found a stage to build a political dynasty, and the fashion world got the message. The days of crushed velvet and fur vests morphed into Armani and Downing Street business attire.

Fashion set a new pace in the 1990s. The new techno century was on the verge of turning fashion into raging bull type madness. The old rules in past decades didn’t have a chance in modern expressionism. Men became fashion mavens who had to have the latest shirts by Tommy Bahama and those badass Nike shoes. When the clock struck 12 on the last night of the 20th-century, men wanted personal style instead silly fashion temptations.

Men in San Francisco found Tailor’s Keep,, a custom clothing merchant that could marry personal style with culture and commerce. Tailor’s Keep creates clothing for men who believe clothes make their reality standalone in more ways than one. The website gives men the opportunity to see what custom work can do for personal style.

The men who battle in the capitalistic jungle today understand the importance of custom-fit clothing. And it doesn’t matter if that clothing is a vintage 1980s Armani suit or a Ralph Lauren jacket. One of a kind clothing is in vogue in the second decade of the 21st-century. This is the age that blends the fashions of the past into the style titans of the future. Fashion is the workhorse of modern perception and dreams, and individual style is the expression of personal freedom. Personal freedom and self-responsibility are the icons of success.