Men’s Fashion: Choosing Jeans That Suit Your Body Shape

For women, there is plenty of fashion advice available, but for men, not so much. If you are male, and you love to look fashionable, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. Here we discuss the various cuts of jeans you can find, and which style suits which physique. Understanding which cuts suit your body shape well stand you in good stead for creating the perfect fashionable outfit. Without this knowledge, you are likely to make some very serious fashion faux pas. Finding the right fit really is the most important fashion choice; get this right and the rest follows. This article is thus Fashion 101.

Many people never try their clothing on before they buy it, nothing is wrong with this, but if you do prescribe to this method of shopping then you are likely to find that your jeans are ill fitting and this affects your self-esteem. By knowing which styles and cuts suit your body shape you save yourself the hassle of having to try jeans on before you buy, great if you are buying a pair of jeans online.

Loose leg
Loose leg jeans, or wide leg jeans, can sit anywhere on the waist. In other words, they can be high-rise or low-rise. However, the material around the legs has a relaxed look and sits loosely against the leg. The various embellishments tend to be larger, for instance, with wide-leg Nudie jeans you will find that the pockets are deeper. These jeans can fall straight, have a slight flare, or taper at the ankle.

This style of jeans suits taller or skinnier men. If you are stocky or short, then these will emphasise the wrong parts of your physique, making you look fatter and squatter than you actually are.

Boot cut
Boot cut, or flared jeans, are narrow fitting around the thighs and then flare out from the knees to the ankles. You really cannot go wrong with this style of trousers, as they tend to suit everybody. However, if you are a little tubby, then these are the perfect jeans for you. If in doubt about the styles and cuts that suit you, opt for boot cut. These form part of the classic look, so they never go out of fashion, and you can update them to suit current trends, for instance, Nudie jeans do a fantastic range of fashionable boot cut jeans, follow the link below if you are interested in this cut.

Straight Cut
These jeans normally sit at the waistline and are form fitting, meaning that they fall straight from the buttocks to the ankles. These are great for showing off your natural body shape, but you must be fairly well built to pull them off with any sort of panache. Again, these form part of the classic look, and so never go out of fashion. If you are relatively tall and relatively well built, then these are the perfect jeans for you.