A-line and Princess Wedding Dresses

A-line and Princess Wedding Dresses

Girls who aspire to elegance and restrained sophistication, usually choose A-line wedding dresses. This type of wedding gowns is characterized by a trapezoidal smooth extension of the skirt downwards, slightly overstated waistline and embroidered seams. These seams start from the shoulders or armhole on the breast line and go to the bottom of the skirt along the entire length of the dress, favorably emphasizing the curves of the figure. The corresponding vertical seams in the costume emphasize the subtlety of the waist and the shape of the bust. The name of the dress arise due to its form, which resembles the uppercase letter A. If the wedding is planned in a restrained and refined style, this A-line dress will be a good choice that will emphasize the tone of the celebration.
Features of the Dress

A feature of the wedding dress of this silhouette is trapezia form and an overstated waist. The skirt in the dress is usually a smooth cut, which is achieved with the help of crinoline and soft folds. With the help of openwork fabrics and applications, you can emphasize the refinement of the dress, and the atlas will help to achieve the smoothness and clarity of the silhouette. The embroidery on the dress hem or its bodice strengthens the contrast of textures. Belts and bows are lighter or darker in tone. For the bodice of a dress, a corset or lacing is most often used. It creates the effect of refinement and brittleness. For such a model of a wedding dress, it is recommended to purchase a few sizable undercoats.

A-line and Princess Dresses

Princess dress is the type of A-line gowns. The main difference between these dresses is the width of the bottom of the skirt. Princess dress has a skirt more enlarged and flared to the bottom, and the material is superimposed by large coats.A-line wedding dresses are most suitable for small in stature brides, to create an elongated silhouette. If there is a need to achieve the effect of a continuous trapezoidal shape, it is worth choosing heavier fabric, for example atlas that can hold the mold itself. If there is a need for lightness and freedom, it is better to choose light silk or chiffon. Wedding dresses of the Princess silhouette, in turn, fit almost all types of figures of brides. They may not fit plus-sized girls or those having small breasts.

A-line dress is considered to be the most romantic dress style, which favorably emphasizes the thin waist and beautiful bust zone. Most often this model of a wedding dress is chosen for the embodiment of various styles of wedding celebrations: rustic, classical, romantic, French, boho, etc. It will suit both a small ceremony in the family circle, and a huge reception with a large number of guests.